Ceramic Tooth Restoration: Why Dentists are Switching

Ceramic restoration for BravoSmile Dental Care in downtown Portland is, essentially, the use of a high quality material to rebuild or replace damaged teeth. Recent advancements have led many dentists to switch over to ceramic restorations which feature a higher standard of quality complete with an array of dental benefits. By offering a much smoother match to your natural teeth, both in color and in texture, ceramic tooth restoration gives you added benefits to traditional fillings and is much more natural looking. While ceramics may not be for every individual and for every mouth, they are certainly a growing trend within BravoSmile.

While some dentists are divided within the ceramic vs. metal filling debate, a growing number of dental clinics are switching over to ceramic restorations. One of the principle causes has been the discovery of trace amounts of mercury within metal fillings whereas ceramic fillings lack this harmful chemical.

Increasing numbers of dentists and patients alike are choosing ceramics additionally for aesthetic reasons. Metal fillings are jarring and extremely noticeable. The use of ceramics, on the other hand, offer a much more natural look that blends easily with the surrounding teeth. The porcelain material of a ceramic filling is additionally just as strong as a metal filling, giving you the full health benefit and restoring your tooth’s primarily functionality.

Ceramic dental materials can also be used for a wide variety of tooth conditions. A ceramic filling can be used as a crown, on-lay, in-lay, or aesthetic veneer. With the exquisite ability to mimic dental enamel, full-porcelain ceramic restoration will appear as if your had a full mouth of natural teeth.

While ceramic tooth restorations give both patients and dentists certain advantages in the filling process, they are particularly susceptible to damage from overly grinding or clenching your mouth. BravoSmile in downtown Portland Oregon can determine if you are a proper candidate for the procedure.10194_10151593224694739_1872296903_n

It is becoming increasingly obvious that metal amalgams are being slowly phased out of the dental community. Again, part of this move is the result of deep concerns regarding safety but dentists additionally take into account the adaptability of the restorative material. Not only are ceramic fillings easy to work with, particularly in light of recent computer dentistry, they are also easily a much better fit for most patients in terms of health and aesthetics. Schedule a visit with BravoSmile to discuss your options further but know that the days of a metal filling being your only option is a relic of the past.

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