Improving Your Oral Health

Top ten things you can do to improve your oral health

  1. See your dentist and hygienist regularly.
  2. Use floss, Proxabrush, and Sonicare daily.
  3. If you clench or grind your teeth, get fitted for a professional nightguard.
  4. If you have exposed roots, decalcification or sensitive teeth: Use a TOPICAL fluoride toothpaste and have a TOPICAL fluoride treatment at your preventive appointments.
  5. See a naturopath and get your nutrition improved.
  6. Do not smoke.
  7. If a spouse or close family member has periodontal disease, get them to handle their dental health. Periodontal disease is communicable.
  8. When you see the hygienist, ask for the number of bleeding points and compare to your last visit.
  9. If pockets are deepening or the tissue collar around the teeth is not improving (getting firmer), ask for a referral to the specialist.
  10. Understand that periodontal disease is painless (until advanced stages), and regular checkups are needed to become aware of this problem.
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